The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect 

6:35 am
As I rumbled out of bed and shuffled my way to the bathroom I thought I heard someone playing Yahtzee in the other room. I realized the sound of dice rattling in a cup was actually my knees sputtering to life. I need to schedule an appointment with my acupuncturist. (1) “Perfect”, I thought, I am going to see her at SRQ Exclusive later this morning. 

8:55 am
As I was dropping my son off at school I ran into two other Dads who were discussing how their backs were hurting.  With SRQ Exclusive on my mind I passed on the phone number of our group’s chiropractor and let them know I’d be seeing him shortly. They both told me they’d call right away to schedule appointments. (3) 
The pebble has been cast.  
I headed off to SRQ Exclusive, my networking group of 60 professionals from a variety of industries. As I chatted with my fellow Manasota business associates I met numerous guests and our two newest members. 

9:05 am
I was grateful that my acupuncturist went out of her way to fit me in later that day, something that I’m confident she did because of our networking relationship. Just before the meeting began the group’s accountant asked me to call his client who could use my services.(4)
As the meeting went on we learned about upcoming events in the community from our guest speaker, the Events Director for the Chamber of Commerce. 

10:00 am
During the meeting one of the dads called to set up an appointment with the chiropractor I’d raved about.(5) Because he used my name he was able to get a referral discount on his initial visit, something I hadn’t even mentioned. Excited about the discount he texted both me and our third classroom dad and then dad number three called and made an appointment as well.(6)

10:15 am
After the meeting during open networking, the realtor in our group asked me to write some copy for her and I gave her the number of a friend who is looking for an investment property.(8) I caught the attention of the groups mortgage broker and shared my friends number as well, she set up a meeting with me because she’s interested in new website content for her business.(10)

11:30 am
My daughter’s friend is looking for a car, after talking with our car guy I called my daughter and passed along the buyer agent’s number.(11) I need some swag for occasional giveaways so I started a conversation with our promotional materials professional.(12) There were twelve other conversations happening at the same time involving business women and men who needed or wanted a product or service.(24)

1:45 pm 
The realtor called my house hunting friend to get the ball rolling. As they chatted he mentioned he was a professional steel pan musician. While they were on the phone she checked out his website and decided to book him for seven beachfront property open houses.(25) She also reiterated the skills of the mortgage broker who he called after he hung up with her. 

My daughter’s friend. who was anxious to find a car, called our buyer’s agent  and while setting up an appointment she asked him if he knew a good mechanic.(26) She called the mechanic for her sister, and while getting repairs done was recommended to another local business for new tires, and gave the number to her boyfriends parents.(28) 

3:45 pm
The buyer's agent called me to thank me for the introduction and during our conversation I mentioned I needed a tree trimmer, he knew a great company.(29)

4:30 pm
While at the chiropractor my dad friend began discussing the flower business he and his wife own and he and the office manager put together an order for a weekly flower delivery for the office.(30) He left feeling much better and was so excited about the therapy he told the next eight people he saw.(38)

5:00 pm
I touched base with the accountant’s client, a fantastic lead. She might have a long contract for me and if it goes well she knows several other people who need something similar.(45) 

Remember, there were twelve other conversations happening at the same time as mine.(90)

In the days to come, the conversations spread across town -

Sixty percent of the chiropractor’s clients asked where the beautiful flower arrangements came from.

A restaurant owner was at an open house which led to a bi-weekly gig for the steel pan drummer.

All of my daughter’s friends were amazed at the money saved from using the buyer’s agent and are excited to use him when they sign their first car loans!

Her parents were thrilled with the service their daughter got at the repair shop as well at the new tires for three cars in the family, they now refer both automotive businesses to everyone they know.

My friend purchased an investment property and used both the realtor I referred him to as well as the mortgage broker, now he’s looking to buy another property. 

I put my brand in front of over a hundred new people with the promotional products I purchased.

All of the conversations that started early that morning in our weekly networking group took similar paths.

A few dozen like minded professionals cast their pebbles into the networking pond. 

What began as a ripple led to a tidal wave of opportunity surging through our community.

Who would’ve thought that my bad knees would travel so far?


Image by: Geralt

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