Why Having a Social Presence Online is Crucial for Every Entrepreneur!

According to a recent recent Google study, 97% of mobile consumers use the web to search for local businesses. We all understand the importance of having our businesses represented online, but to what extent? You already have your websites where others (prospective clients) can check out your goods and/or services, your Facebook page, and your Instagram accounts along with additional platforms that will help build your business, but what are you doing with all those accounts? Are they sitting there, stagnant, with the same content you slapped on them when you started them?
Are they living, breathing extensions of you and your business?
The variety of tools and platforms available to you won’t do you or your business any good unless you are consistently active (with quality content).
Today’s consumers want to know more than just what products a company sells. They want to know who the company IS; the people, beliefs, and values of those responsible for the business.

Frequency alone does not create or enhance your social presence. Your social presence will be measured by the amount of physical (quantity) AND emotional content you provide for your audience.
Emotional Content: This is the relationship building part
  • Instead of stating your beliefs, mission, or vision - try posting content that shows those things in action. 
  • Intimacy (eye contact, proximity, body language) is often lost online but sincerity, honesty, and humility in your writing or videos makes it personal
  • Solve a problem for your audience. As the subject matter expert you can offer advice, give solutions, demonstrate a How-To, etc.
  • Let the consumer get to know you, build a trust with them and though they may not be purchasing from you right now, when they are ready they will think of you
  • Reviews and Responses. Managing your reviews is an excellent way to build or ruin online relationships. Always respond to a review whether it is positive or negative but especially if it’s negative. Countless business owners will tell you that some of their best and most loyal customers stemmed from how they handled an issue/complaint. 
So now you have some ideas of how to appeal to your prospects, let’s discuss where to appeal to them.
  • - Tell your story within the pages of your site. Write what the reader wants to hear, it’s about them
  • Twitter - Join a conversation in the area of your expertise
  • Instagram - A great way to produce quick original content that leads them to your website or Facebook
  • Facebook -  Yes your page is important and must stay current and fresh but think a little outside the box. Join a Facebook group that your business is associated with. For example, if you sell light bulbs maybe join a group centered around lampshades.
  • YouTube -  Video is a dynamic trend and one you should embrace as soon as possible. Remember that your YouTube channel is a reflection of your business and should look professional.
  • Write a blog -  maintain regular posts and utilize the above mentioned platforms to drive traffic to it. Make sure your blog has value for the reader, a takeaway.
Your audience is your next potential client. They are online. A lot. Today more than ever it is critical that you create and maintain a social presence. It is a lot of work, if you can’t handle it all find a professional to help you. I can promise you that your competitors are aggressively marketing this space and if you don’t take advantage of the tools and platforms available to you, you will miss out on sales in the long run.

Give your prospects a reason to want to do business with you.
Let your presence be known.

Written By: Soaring Communications

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